I’ve made a blog! It’s here!

I had initially started this intending to use Docker to run the Jekyll tool locally, as that is what GitHub Pages uses. Docker was giving me headaches, so I switched to Vagrant, as I’ve used that in the past.

Resources used:

First pass, I didn’t have make installed:


Then, I need to get ruby installed, turns out there’s a thing called RVM: http://stackoverflow.com/a/24803204/5480

Then back to Jekyll.

So now, I’ve got a local Vagrant VM running Ubuntu, with Ruby and Jekyll installed:

Vagrant screenshot

Not a bad bit of learning for 6 hours or so.

Next steps will be to import the content from my old blog, and to figure out how to enable commenting on this one.

And to learn more Markdown. Lots of catching up to do.

Edited on 2/14 to update the links to be clickable.